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Sat, Jul 29, 2017 8:25 AM

New building - features to enhance wireless

With the totally blank canvas of a new building project - still with the architects at present - what should we attempt to build in order to enhance wireless performance? For example, should walls be as transparent to RF as possible in order to enhance coverage per WAP, or should they block as much as possible in order to allow multiple WAPs without interference? What construction would achieve those things?


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3 years ago

There are many other important factors of construction than the WIFI. In my experience, designers and architects have very little regards for the workings of technology that doesn't enhance their design. If yours are different then corgrats!

As far as designing the WIFI goes, if the new building is an office space or high usage area then you should try and keep cells as small as possible by using lower tx power and using the fabric of the building to avoid CCI. Design for high SNR in 5Ghz -65dBm is a good starting point. Unless you need very high throughput then keep the channel width low at 20MHz and possibly 40MHz if there is enough spectrum available.