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Tue, Jul 1, 2014 3:32 PM

mld-snooping, useful to improve wifi network reliability ?


We have a wifi network with a Zonedirector ZD3000 and tens of ZF7962 and ZF9782 for an university.

On the wifi network, we configured only IPv4 (for proxy and firewall).
But now, there are many windows and os x laptops doing some ipv6 traffic (mld, neighbor discovery, even it's useless).

So my two questions:

- Is it useful to activate ipv6 support in the ZD3000 because we have so users with auto-configured ipv6 ? and also to enable MLD-snooping on the APs' port ?

- Do we need to activate IPV6 support to enable mld-snooping ? (or else I didn't understand how to enable mld-snooping in the cli...)

I'm not sure because the documentation is not clear about that. Also some posts in the ruckus forum tell to disable imgp-snooping and mld-snooping to improve Airplay (we don't intend to use or support airplay for now)

Thanks for your advices.


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