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Wed, Jun 8, 2016 1:36 PM


mesh ap takes 30 mins to join

We have a Zone Director ZD3050.  Our 7962 Mesh AP's are taking 30+ minutes before they join the Zonedirector then they will work fine.  What is the normal time it should take for a mesh AP to join the controller?



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4 years ago

Do you provision your Mesh APs on the wire, before moving them to where you want them?
How far are your Mesh APs from your Root/next hop APs?  You can see AP neighbors in a
ZD debug (with Tech Support's help), and APs need at least 25+ RSSI from both sides for
Mesh links to form/stay connected.  Is there a lot of interference in 5GHz in your environment?
Are you letting the APs choose their own channels?