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Mon, May 23, 2016 5:54 AM

Many Static Public Ip's on Virtual Interfaces

Hi guys,

I would really appreciate if you could help me on this, I have a D-Link DIR-686L router with DD-WRT installed on it.

I aslo have a block of 29 public static ip from my isp.

What I actually want to archive is to create many ssid with each of them sharing one of my public static ip's.

Basically, I want to create many virtual Interfaces with dd-wrt and give them each a different ip.

I red a lot on the subject but I didn't found anything fitting my need.

I've seen a tutorial on how to create one ssid and then associate each static ip to a local ip or a mac address. This is not what I want to archive but this is a beginning, I guess.

Here is the link if that could help you to solve my request.

Thank you very much in advance. This is something very important for me and I spent a lot of time looking for a way to do that without success, you guys are my last hope!


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5 y ago

Many ISPs only provide 1 public IP address, into the WAN port of a customer's home router,
and you can perform NAT for a different subnet on the Ethernet LAN, and on a Wireless LAN (SSID).

A Ruckus AP in Standalone Mode could provide this type of way for you to have multiple Internal Networks,
that be can be NAT routed out the WAN.  Up to 4 Internal Networks, with DHCP, could service 4 networks
(combination of other Eth ports, or different WLAN SSIDs), using the Internal networks, and be NAT routed
out your WAN to the Internet.

Otherwise, without router/LAN switches for VLAN, I cannot imagine how to use/segment your 29 ISP IPs.

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5 y ago

To be honest it is pretty difficult to hunt down this question I read the whole tutorial but didn't get how it is possible multiple ssids sharing your ip without VLAN. Still, hope you managed to do it!
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