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Tue, Oct 23, 2018 1:50 AM


Lost and need help, newbie questions and concerns

I want to use a laptop with wifi a connection as main internet connection for Ruckus R500. Numerous issues - I cannot seem to get 2 network cards on my W7 pro laptop to work at the same time. As soon as I plug into the rj45 jack, the wireless connection gets disabled. I am on DHCP.....I have to use this configuration due to the fact that I will be using this system in different locations with only wifi for internet, and I need internet to have my Audio Everywhere device work as I wish.....A detailed explanation would be great. I have 2 days to get this working, I would be willing to pay for expert advice. Thank you.


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2 years ago

Does this MS community reply help?
I would suggest to "disable" the Eth port if you don't want this built-in "feature" from Microsoft.  Please let us know if this works for you?