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Fri, Mar 31, 2017 4:03 PM

Issue with R700's on management VLAN that is different from SmartZone controller.

So, we have multiple sites running a total of about 100 R700's. In the past we had someone else doing deployments and unfortunately there's no documentation as to how it got done.

The issue being, as soon as I take an R700 from the same VLAN as the SmartZone controller and move it to the same vlan as other (already deployed) R700's they fail to connect to the controller and won't allow clients to get out to the network in any way.

So the question is, what is the process of configuring an R700 locally at site 1 and deploying it to site 2 without it having this controller contact issue?

I've checked all things that could be blocking it like ACL's or firewall, but there are a dozen other AP's at this remote site working without issue. I've configured the device with the same static IP as the existing AP's as well. I feel like it might be something insanely simple that I'm just not aware of.


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4 years ago

If you have configured your ZD/APs to use a specific Management VLAN, then that VLAN must extend to your remote AP sites.

I'd suggest, try bringing up some APs local to your ZD, then take them out and see if they can connect back from a remote site?

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AP's on site one use VLAN98 for management.
AP's on site two use VLAN80 for management.

There are existing AP's on VLAN80 that are up and running without issue. What I'm having issue with is getting a new AP to function when I bring it to site two.

The suggestion was the process I thought would work. They start on 98, get added to the group we built for site two and have a static address given to match the management VLAN. The group has an override set to change the management vlan. The AP then reboots to apply changes and now will not work on site one. I move the AP to site two and the PWR and CTL lights blink back and forth, indicating it can't reach the controller.