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Wed, Apr 2, 2014 7:30 AM

Indoor Access Point and Wireless Controller...

Presently I am preparing tender documents for Indoor Wi-Fi which includes Indoor Access Point and Wireless Controller.

Can anybody suggest best Indoor access Point (Model Number) & Wireless Controller which is comparable to CISCO product 1602 and 5508.

Thanks in Advance


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7 years ago

Looking at your requirements:

Cisco Indoor AP 1602 :

Just doing a quick comparison on major features which matters alot on performance and NOT pricing

Cisco Indoor 1602 is dualband 3*3:2 and Ruckus Does not have dualband 3*3:2 product as far as i know however they do have a product which is a step down(ZF7363) AND a product which is really GOOD on performance (ZF7982)

ZF7363 is a 802.11a/b/g/n AP with Radio chains 2*2:2. this is little less on performance when compared to Cisco Indoor 1602 however good on price.

ZF7982 is a (Again) 802.11a/b/g/n AP with Radio chains 3*3:3 which is far better than Cisco Indoor 1602. It has proven to be real workhorse in real challenging wifi environment.

My take: If you are constraint on pricing and for lighter usage environment then would suggest ZF7363 BUT if thinking ahead for 5-6 years and keeping in mind ever increasing bandwidth hungry app's on the prowl then better go for ZF7982.

Also please keep in mind, Keeping high performance AP does not guarantee BEST performance as Alot depends on client capabilities.

See another forum post for more that -

As Far as controller is concerned, Ruckus wireless just got 3 models of controller:

ZD1100, ZD3000, ZD5000

Major criteria is how many AP's will controller manage.

Looking at Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller which can manage MAX 500 AP's so "Zd3000" will be a BEST fit.

Best of LUCK with your tender.