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Wed, Jul 19, 2017 7:41 AM

In at the deep end

Hi all. 

I have been brought in to provision a new town centre ruckus network. The previous engineer didn't really do much in terms of the config and the team have been so eager that they have put the AP's (T300) out on the ground across the site.
So my challenge is to get this thing working. I have 1 AP currently connected to the VSZ-D and talking to the system. The only way I could do this was to bring it in and get it connected to the wires, let it update itself etc, set it up with an appropriate IP address for the wired network and then put it back out.The rest are supposed to be Mesh MAP's but they don't yet know it. Is there any way I can push config to them over the wireless system or will they need to come in to the central office to be given their initial settings. They currently don't even have IP addresses set that will enable them to talk to the existing infrastructure. I can see they've been added to the VSZ-D in the past and I assume the settings in there are still reflective of what they have but they are currently islands.

All help appreciated :)



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