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Thu, Nov 5, 2015 4:16 PM

I cannot connect to my Ruckus R300

After setting up my Ruckus R300, I cannot connect any device to my wireless network, I;m able to see the the wireless network but when I try to connect and enter the password for SSID and doesn't connect.


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5 years ago

Does it work if you try to connect to an SSID with Open authentication? 
Do you get an IP address and can you ping network hosts ok?
If so, are you sure your passphrase is correct?  Does it work for other clients?

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5 years ago

Try removing the passphrase first and determine if can you connect.

If you can, then it's just a passphrase mismatch; make it something easy like testtest and then try to reconnect.

If you cannot connect then whats your network topology look like (Example):


Router and DHCP =

Also are you using any VLANs on your WLAN/Network.