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Sun, Nov 8, 2015 3:09 PM

High density K12 recommended settings?

We are a K12 school district with about 1,700 district owned wireless devices and 2,300 guest wireless devices, mostly student and staff smartphones. The number of devices keeps growing every year. We will be upgrading our wireless network next summer and are looking at the Ruckus product. What does Ruckus recommend in a high density environment like a K12 school district?
  • 5GHz channels set to auto, 20MHz, or 40MHz?
  • Background Scanning or ChannelFly?
  • Use DFS Channels?


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Thanks for the link
I hope Ruckus updates this in the near future, it was published in 2012
No mention of 802.11ac wave 1 or wave 2 so of course no mention of MU-MIMO
No mention of using DFS Channels