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Thu, Apr 14, 2016 7:59 AM

Hi people, just need some help...

My school stated using this software recently. I don't appreciate the security upgrade as I am now struggling to access inappropriate material over the internet.

How does the software work? (the website isn't very informative)
Do you know if my VPN would still be able to run alongside the new software?
Is there anyway to breach the software or manipulate it?

I understand this comment is likely to be removed, or some people will give me a good-moral story about school work ect. Please don't.
Thanks for any help.


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5 years ago

Face value straight-faced reply:

Your query seems to be about web filtering which is not handled by Ruckus wifi.
So not appropriate.
Post will either be ignored or removed when mod/staff notice it.
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5 years ago

Not removed, but acknowleged.  Ruckus wireless software allows clients to wirelessly connect to your local network, but you need a FireWall or Web Monitor to filter appropriate from non-appropriate website access.