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Thu, Apr 30, 2020 5:08 AM

Hi Guys Just want to ask for your inputs. how do you automate your Ruckus Controller?

I am exploring to automate our ruckus network since there are a lot of zone that currently configured to different customers


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6 months ago

Hi Darwin,

What are the tasks you wish to automate?

Since you did not mentioned your controller model but talking about "Zone" I am assuming its a v/SmartZone controller.

v/SZ supports APIs and can be used for automate a lot of stuff.

Refer below links for API reference guide, for vSZ-H and vSZ-E and SZ-100 controllers.

If your controller is running on a different version or a different model then go to >> Choose the correct product category >> Product model >> Move to documentation tab and find the API for all available versions.

Syamantak Omer

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Hi Syamantak,

Thanks for your response.. we are using SZ300 at the moment, i already see this documentation but i find it was difficult to follow.

my goal is to configure different zone at the same time, for example we have 100 zone and we want to create WLANs for each zone, we deploy it faster by using RESTCONF to automate. do you have repository on the GITHUB that i can refer ?