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Sat, Aug 22, 2015 3:09 PM

Guest network on a 7782

Hi, We have a 7782 which is connected to the sonic wall via 2 switches. It is currently configured to give network access to staff including internet with DCHP on the server. We would like to add a guest network from this AP with a different ip range but having internet access only. Is this possible? If so could someone explain it to me in 'idiot' terms please? Thank you.


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5 years ago

simon, i am assuming that its a standalone AP setup and NO controller in the network

  • you create a local subnet (lets say subnet X ) in AP which allow have DHCP server with different IP range from the AP within.
  • create a WLAN for guest.
  • Assign the above created local subnet to guest WLAN you just created in step 2.
this make your AP ready for guest WLAN with different IP range... for more info, please take a look at online help in the AP itself..



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5 years ago

Right, so it's worth mentioning that if you have a ZoneDirector, then Ruckus provides support for Guest Networking which doesn't even require a fancy firewall/gateway with VLAN support. Modern ZD firmware directly supports layer 3 isolation such that even though everyone has IP's in the same subnet, attempts to access your subnet by guests are simply dropped by the ZD.

However, without that, you've got a SonicWall, and hopefully you have managed switches with VLAN support. So basically you'll need to set up enough VLAN support such that you can create a separate VLAN for guest on the SonicWall, and then assign that VLAN ID to the wlan that you're choosing.

Almost all of these instructions pertain to your SonicWall, with only the assignment of the VLAN ID a function of the ZF7782.