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Thu, Oct 13, 2016 7:34 PM

Firmware versions

I am trying to understand the firmware versioning and how it pertains to the AP in terms of what it brings in functionality.

Unleashed: 200.x.x.x.x (Based on the recent announcement)

In the R500 download section there is:

104.0, 100.1, 100.0, and 9.12  I gather the others (9.10 and below) are more or less EoL.

Right now my R500 is running the latest 100.1 version (When I got it had an early version of this build)  Should I re-flash to a different version?  Being I have done some interesting Ruckus installs both past and present with great success I purchased this one for my house.


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4 years ago

The 100 series is the normal Standalone firmware all AP's ship with (unless you order an Unleashed product code).

The 200 series us Unleashed, it's a fairly new option that enables you to run a controllerless AP network with up to 25 AP's all sharing the same config and allowing roaming. Provisioning a new AP into the network is as simple as plugging it into the same LAN segment, it'll provision from the existing AP's and start broadcasting the configured SSID's.

9.x is the ZoneDirector firmware which is what AP's run that are managed by a ZoneDirector controller. The are automatically updated from the 100 series firmware when they are provisioned from a ZoneDirector



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4 years ago

Long story short I would strongly recommend upgrading to the 104.x firmware from your current build. It adds airtime fairness to 5GHz along with a lot of 802.11ac bugfixes, which should help improve your experience.