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Fri, Jul 15, 2016 1:08 PM


Event code 1909 and 203. RADIUS AP accounting and Client failed to join

since some days, I have this error :

Code : 203
Type: Client failed to join
Activity : Client [18:5E:0F:43:DD:D4] failed to join WLAN [ADMIN] from AP [[email protected]:FF:36:01:DC:10].

at the same time It was appeared this event :

Code: 1909
Type: AP accounting response while invalid config
Activity :
[radiusd] sending dummy response for Accounting Packet received from AP[] on Virtual SmartZone [], with username [rossi]. Configuration is incorrect in Virtual SmartZone to forward received message nor to generate CDR

What does this mean ?
I'am icapable to find any explication on the web site Ruckus and on the web.



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5 years ago

Please open a ticket with Tech Support to track your client/AAA activity in more detail.