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Wed, Apr 12, 2017 5:06 AM

Connecting T300 Root AP to P300 point-to-point backhaul

Does the connection between a T300 root AP and a P300 point-to-point backhaul require the use of a switch in an unleashed network? This seems to be the case from the specs I have seen on each unit. The attached image is what I had in mind but I am not sure if I can make the link between X any Y in the diagram without a switch. I don't need to attach any other devices other than wirelessly.


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4 years ago

this is doable and should not be a problematic setup and has been done before.
May i know what is the concern you may have??
As long as all devices are in on L2 domain, T300 talking to master AP via this P2p link should not be a concern as i think worst could be that T300 may not bcom master AP in this topology