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Fri, Sep 8, 2017 7:34 PM

Can I use Let's Encrypt service for providing SSL certificates for my ZoneDirector?

Has any one managed to use the free SSL provided Let's Encrypt to provide an SSL certificate for their ZoneDirector?



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3 years ago

Model: ZD1200 Version: build 75

Prepare 3 key file from

3. private.key

Go to Configure ,  Certificate 
Go to Add a trusted CA and import "ca_bundle.crt".
Go to Import Signed Certificate and import "certificate.crt".
if certificate.crt is fine, you will be asked to import the "private.key" and reboot.

If you are using 2 ZoneDirector for HA, then you need to do it in both sides.

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3 years ago

Problem is that you have to make and install new certificate every 3 month, as certificate expiration is 90 days -- so it doesn't make much sense for me...
Easier to pay once a 3 years for certificate and forget about it until next time. 
Hope it helps

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5 months ago

Sorry to revive a long dead thread...

If you have an ACME client running on a router/server somewhere then you can probably push the Let's Encrypt certificates onto a ZoneDirector or Unleashed.

I've been using Let's Encrypt certificates on my home ZoneDirector for a few months now, via my pfSense firewall.

The steps to get it working on pfSense are documented at