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Wed, Aug 19, 2015 7:45 AM

block internet abuse via IP or Mac address.

Hi Guys. I have a ZD 1100 series and want to block internet abuse via IP or Mac address. What do i do ?


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5 years ago

The best would be to employ a Firewall device, designed to filter traffic.



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5 years ago

If you are willing to block a wireless device based on its MAC address, then go to the ZD's Monitor tab, Wireless_Clients area, find the entry for the troublesome wireless client and then click the little "Block" icon next to that client. (little red circle w/ a slash through it)
That device will no longer be able to associate to your ruckus wireless network.

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5 years ago

Thnk you BB..

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2 years ago

How to block single mac address in ruckus..?
event and activities which logs are showing in this tab..?