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Thu, Aug 15, 2013 10:46 PM

Best way to upgrade from ZD1000 to ZD1100?

I have a ZD1000 with about 25 access points. It is running firmware build 8. I want to transition to my new ZD1100.

Is it better to do a complete rip and replace by upgrading the ZD1000 to the last firmware revision of and then installing firmware on the ZD1100? I assume I could then move the configuration from the ZD1000 to the ZD1100.

Or should I upgrade my ZD1100 to the 9.6 firmware and do a piecemeal transition by moving over my AP's one-by-one? That seems slower but less likely to have problems.

I assume that 9.6 is considered stable? If not, any recommended firmware versions for the ZD1100 series?

I asked this question a while ago, but I have put off the transition for many months.


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7 years ago

I think the first option will be easier. I've just updated the ZD1100 build to .17 so you've got an exact match.

9.6 has been a good release overall. However, we did encounter a problem when the 9.5 release was introduced making ZD1100 upgrades a little more challenging. When you try to download 9.6 you'll get the full story.

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7 years ago

Thanks for updating the ZD1100 to the latest 9.3 build. This looks good.

I don't believe I have a pressing need to go to 9.6 (or even 9.5) yet, so will let that rest for now.