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Wed, Apr 5, 2017 10:06 AM

AP R510 not connected to the controller

I have some AP R510 (AP Firmware that not arrived to connect to the controller (vSZ-E version
The APs have an IP given by a DHCP server, I pass the command SET SCG IP x.x.x.x, but the AP not join the controller. The AP Firmware is

APs R500 it work fine.

Somebody could help me ?

Thank you


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4 years ago

I dont know if it is possible to connect a R510 to a controller vSZ with 3.2 version.
To solve the problem I upgraded the controller to version 3.4

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You can see on Ruckus firmware 3.2 release note, in that document you will see whats AP can manage on that firmware :)