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Wed, Jul 19, 2017 5:56 PM

Announcement: Cloud Hosted SPoT 4.4.3 and vSPoT 3.4.3 Available!



      Congratulations to SPoT/vSPoT developers and QA forthis new 4.4.3 / 3.4.3 Release.

The info has been uploaded, anddocumentation and firmware links for Support portal

download are provided below.


Cloud Hosted SPoT 4.4.3 (MR4Refresh3) and vSPoT 3.4.3 Release Notes:


Cloud Hosted SPoT 4.4.3 (MR4Refresh3) and vSPoT 3.4.3 User Guide:


Virtual SPoT 3.4.3 (MR4Refresh3) Installation Guide:


Virtual SPoT 3.4.3 (MR4Refresh3) Software Release:


SPoT Calibrator / Locator MobileApplication 2.0 (GA Refresh3) for iOS:


SPoT Calibrator / Locator MobileApplication 2.0 (GA Refresh3) for Android:  

  1. New Features

·        None.


  1. Supported Firmware
This release is compatible with the following Controllerfirmware:

·        ZoneDirector release 9.8 (minimum version and above(ZD1100, 1200, 3k, 5k).

·        SmartZone 3.0 and above (SZ100, SCG200, vSZ)


  1. Supported Mobile Devices
TheCalibration app has been tested on the following:

·        iOS devices: iPhone 5c, 6 and 6 Plus.

§  OS version iOS 8+.

·        Android devices: Nexus 4 and 5.

§  OS version Android 4.2+.


  1. Enhancements in this Release
a.      System

·        Upgraded technology stack:

·   Redis version 3.2.9

·   Mongodb version 3.2.15

·   Mosquitto version 1.4.14-1.1

·   OS security enhancements with partial satisfaction to CIS7.3 hardening for AWS SPoT Cloud. 

b.     Venue

·        None.


c.      vSPoT

·        Upgraded epel-release to 7-10 

·        Upgraded to Vagrant 1.9.2 with Oracle Virtualbox 5.1.22 

·        Removed debug level logging for mosquitto-broker and switch to defaultlogging level (such as error, warning, notice and information) to eliminate logrotation failures. 

·        The vSPoT release are mapped to Cloud SPoTreleases as shown below –

  1. Resolved Issues
·        Resolved an issue where rk-system/rk-venue codewas changed to cap the limit of 16MB in MongoDB aggregation. [LS-2379] 

·        Resolved an issue of SPoT in Cloud test subjectssetup that was broken due to team movement and furniture organization or setup.[LS-2377] 


  1. Limitations and Caveats
·        None.




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