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Thu, Jun 7, 2018 9:11 PM

Android Tablets Locking Up


  We have some generic model Android tablets we use for clients to fill out applications online while in our offices. About 2 weeks ago various office locations reported that some of our tablets started locking up, and after getting my hands on a few of them it seems that the minute they connect to one of our wireless access points the trouble starts.

  I've done factory resets on a few of the tablets, which seems to help on some, but others go back to the same behavior as before, and I'm trying to nail down what's going on. Has anyone run across anything like this?  Are there any logs I can look at on the WAP to see if there's anything going on when the tablets connect wirelessly?



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3 years ago

Client Troubleshooting on ZoneDirector knowledge base article 7870 offers direction to help follow a chosen tablet's MAC address. 

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3 years ago

what do you mean by locking up?
are they getting disconnected and not connecting back?orthey show as they are connected however no traffic is passing thro?
when they are locking up, are you able to ping them from LAN?if using controller, what is the status of this device at the time of locking up?

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3 years ago

Hello....when I say locking up I mean the entire system is unresponsive. I have to turn off the tablet and turn it back on again. After doing more troubleshooting it seems that it chokes on the google play app when running it and trying to update it. It appears that when I turn wireless off the tablet is fine. But from what I'm seeing, when the wireless is turned on again google play (or perhaps some other app) reaches out to the internet and tries to update itself. It could be that there's an issue with the google app and it has nothing to do with the WAP, not sure yet.