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Tue, Oct 27, 2020 10:38 PM

Welcome to the New Ruckus Community! – 27 October 2020

Welcome to the New Ruckus Community! – 27 October 2020

Welcome to our new customer and partner community!  


All data and content migrated successfully from the old to the new community platform, including posts, user accounts and avatar icons, and tags.  


Some aspects of the UI/UX design are still being worked, and will finalize over the next few weeks.  Key differences in functionality from the old platform to the new one include:

  1. “Topics” is the new name for Categories
  2. “Posts” can belong to only one Topic in the new platform vs. the old one which allowed multiple Categories per post (this change improves content searchability)
  3. "Comments" are responses to posts, and comments can be made at the post level, or as "Replies" nested under other comments
  4. New Advanced Search functionality is available, and the community is still indexed as usual in the Support Portal’s main site search as well

Updates will continue over the next few weeks, so please check back regularly for new changes.  If you have questions about the new community or would like to offer feedback on the new platform, please post below.




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