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Wed, Nov 7, 2018 2:42 PM

SZ100 Historical Client Stats

I need to storage all clients info that connected per month, but the SZ100 only report few days ( 14) and Historical Client Stats that is what i really need, export only the last 3 days. Can i improve it or collect that info for another way?




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2 years ago

Hi Luiz,

For that you need to use SCI our insight product.
Please contact your sales rep for more info on SCI.

Kind regards

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2 years ago

Other possibilities for similar client data would include centralized syslog if you are already collecting logs centrally or RADIUS Accounting via a RADIUS server like Cloudpath, NPS, FreeRADIUS, etc.

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2 years ago

You can use Syslog to report this data from your controller to the remote server and collect there all that you need.