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Fri, Jul 9, 2021 9:33 PM

Sporadic bandwidth on Wifi after power outage

I'm currently using FiOS and I called them for support but they have verified that their end is working properly. I am wondering if it is the recent uptick in devices connected to my home network. However, I am questioning that because the other devices are not streaming anything, so I doubt just connecting to the wifi could make it slow down a lot. I restarted the router and updated my ruckus unleashed APs. It seemed to help a little but it still is very sluggish. Any suggestions on why this is happening and what could remediate this?


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25 d ago

Hi Andrew,

Could you confirm how your APs are connected to the network and what is to overall topology?

Do you have a ICX switch involved in your network setup?

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23 d ago

For the very beginning you need to check bandwidth from wired part of the network (run speedtest multiple times on PC connected to switch). If wired PC shows consistent speed, only then it makes sense to look on WiFi part. Usually it us provider problem - what does it mean "verified they end"? Running speedtest from directly connected PC is the only reliable way to be sure Internet connection works properly. If it was not done, then nothing was actually checked.

If WiFi is really the culprit, it may be because of interference -- it may happen that after power outage your's and some neighbor's AP started to use same channel and interference limits the speed. But it is not very likely. More often it is problem with ISP connection (it may be easy overloaded if some neighbor is recovering some p2p or backup processes after outage). Sometimes even Winodes updates can result in huge traffic -- if P2P update distribution is allowed, on some PC, it can end up serving a lot of traffic. Even just a few windows  PCs downloading own current feature updates can make a big load on the network connection.

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