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Wed, May 10, 2017 9:31 AM

Send command via plink.exe Ruckus R510


I used plink.exe to communicate with the AccessPoint, R510.
I needed to send commands directly with the plink line command :

plink.exe -ssh -2 -noagent -batch -pw ruckus -l Ruckus -P 22  [Commands]

But Ruckus ask a second time the login and the password which making it impossible.

Are there any solution to remove the second authentification?
Are there any other way to send commands by a single command line from terminal?




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4 years ago

Hi, Manual,
Sorry we cannot remove the second authentification.
Maybe you can talk to the maker of plink to adjust its program.

What commands are you planning to send ? cause you post in Zonedirector forum, but send commands to single AP ?