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Sat, Aug 1, 2020 9:58 AM

RUCKUS H510 POE device powered via DC and POE same time

Lets say, Ruckus H510 powered via POE from a POE switch and a IP phone is plugged in to H510s POE port. IP phone is also supported to power via DC adapter. While IP phone is powered via H510s POE out and if user connects DC power to the IP phone, will H510 detects that and turn POE off automatically or is there is a possibility of damaging H510.


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7 months ago

Hi Chathura,

In this setup, IP phone should detect two supplies and stop the one because it is IP phone, which is getting power from two power sources, not H510.

As per my understanding, possible damage could be to IP phone, as it is getting power from two power sources.

I do not think that IP phone could pass the power using its POE port because its a PD (powered device), not PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment).

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Thank You