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Wed, Feb 24, 2016 5:50 AM

Ruckus Cookbook

I am looking something like Ruckus CookBook in pdf format.
Something like FortiGate did here

I am sure Ruckus is the best Wireless product. More people know how to use it, easier for Sales to sale it.
Not mutch free technical article in KB without buying contract
Hope Ruckus give free access for KB


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5 years ago

I have used both...... and trust me when I say you need a cook book with fortigate.

I also found ruckus support WAY more helpful and WAY faster off the mark.

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5 years ago

Hi nbctcp,

We do have a pretty comprehensive free KB library at, and I will let you know this is being actively reviewed for improvement in usability and organization.

As to the cookbook, we are not yet able to produce this type of document, but are holding early discussions about publishing additional training and support tools.

Hope this helps