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Wed, Nov 2, 2016 6:36 AM

Ruckus AP Query

hi, Recently i got   a mail  from  Ruckus about the  Certificate  please let me know what is  exactly that and how to  use it.


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4 years ago

Certificate Refresh FAQ visible to all:

Key points: No impact if you plan to stay with Solo AP or ZoneDirector managed use.  But APs
with old certificates (only) will have problems communicating with SmartZone controllers after
November 27, 2016 if they do not get a certificate refresh.  Most newer APs have new certificates,
but running an SZ version with refresh capability (export .res file, import .req file) can update an AP.

Latest ZD code can also identify APs with only legacy certificates, but not update them.  This is
offered for customers who may eventually migrate to SmartZone (and should install a vSZ-E and
update certificates now).

The associated KBA with a flowchart detailing platforms and versions is also visible to all: