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Tue, Jul 27, 2021 7:07 PM

Ruckus AP no longer working

I have a Lennar home thats almost 1 year old. We had 5 days of no Wifi from our internet provider (Frontier) and it was just restored last night. Unfortunately ever since, the ruckus is no longer connecting or showing up. And our access points aren't lighting up at all. It sounds like the only want to reach out for support is to call a Lennar specific IT number and leave a message. This seems really antiquated and inefficient.  I'm not super techy at all but work from home and definitely need the internet extension. The lights on the bottom are green and yellow if that helps.  I've also tried to unplug everything and plug back in after several minutes. Would love help!

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3 m ago

Hi Nyisha,

Follow below steps:

  1. Start checking if your wired network has internet or not, by connecting laptop using ethernet cable.
  2. When you are connected to the network, run a IP scan and see if APs are getting IPs or not.
  3. If AP getting IP address, check if you can SSH into the AP (use same user/password you use to login Unleashed GUI).
  4. Once you are in, ping the gateway and internet from AP, to check network and internet connection.
  5. If this is fine, login to Unleashed GUI, check if WLAN is configured correctly and enabled.

Provide more information about above steps so that we can guide you towards the resolution.

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