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Tue, May 26, 2015 12:09 PM

Phone Test Show different Result -65 dbm

We had test Ruckus with few few different device of Android and we found same AP get different result at the exact same location. some device -65, some device -75.

Any one have experience and how can we fix it?




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6 years ago

That's normal.

Different phones have different radios with different electronics such as demodulators and antennas and antenna placements. There's also the issue of not calibrating NICs so you might see different levels with the same type of phones.

You can't fix that, but you can take that into consideration when designig a WLAN network.

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6 years ago

Thanks for respond. If we test with one device, when we going live, move concurrent user access to same AP, will the signal getting more low?