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Tue, Apr 5, 2016 4:46 AM


How to recover a license purchase from damage controller?

I purchased a zone director 1100 way back 2013 with 30 Single AP License. Unfortunately, the zone director went down (corrupted storage) 2 weeks ago and we are in process on purchasing new model of zone director 1200. Question is where and how can I download the 30 Single AP License which was previously purchased? Can I use the old Single AP License to new model of zone director? Any suggestion and recommendation is highly appreciated.


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5 years ago

hi Regi,

ZD comes with limited lifetime warranty which means that if it goes bad the Ruckus will give you same model or better model in case same model is NOT available after EOL/EOS etc. Check RMA terms..

Its NOT possible to transfer Lic from your old controller to any other Ruckus controller bought new except if its a replacement for your old controller in case of RMA.

If you are NOT going to use new very latest model of AP's then better get replacement of your broken controller and save $$$$..

If you decide to go otherside then better figure out whether old AP's will support new controller or not...

Hope this helps..
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ACK to Monnat's comments, your AP license is tied to the serial number of your ZD1100.  If you RMA for new ZD, you get a new replacement AP license too.