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Sat, Dec 12, 2015 6:03 PM

How to put ZF R710 in 802.3at PoE+ Mode?

Hi, I have an issue where I am unable to put my new ZF R710 into 802.3at PoE+ Mode.  Currently, I have a new POE+ switch that I'm using which is the Linksys LGS308P. It has LLDP enabled on the switch end. Note, my ZF R710 is in standalone mode.  Is there any other configuration that I need to do either on the Linksys LGS308P or ZF R710 so I can out it into   802.3at PoE+ Mode?


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5 years ago

I decided to Return the Linksys LGS308P,   I plan getting a different 8 port Poe+ switch.