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Wed, Dec 20, 2017 9:48 AM

clients disconnecting disconnectreason=3

We have a network with 80AP's and vSCG.

We see a lot of client Roaming but also a lot of client disconnect-join sequences where a mobile client disconnects from 1 AP and joins to a neighbour AP within 2 sec.

The log shows: disconnectReason=3. Also it shows Instantaneous rssi=0 or Instantaneous rssi=12.

We would expect the client to Roam instead of Disconnect and Join. Overall Wifi coverage is 65db or better. The clients have a internal Roaming treshhold set to 65db.

Why do we see this disconnect-join sequences and what means Instantaneous rssi=0?

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1 m ago


We have the same problem, did you have an answer ?

Thank you.

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