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Wed, May 12, 2021 3:27 AM

Client Fail to Obtain IP Through Ruckus R310 and R320 AP with ZD1200

all ap ng zd are updated firmware


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4 m ago

Hi Jose,

Information you have provided is very limited.

There could be many reasons if client is not getting IP address.

Some common points to check:

  • SW port should be configured as trunk, if you are tagging VLANs on WLAN.
  • VLAN configuration on switch port (make sure tag the desired VLANs which are configured on WLAN settings, other than VLAN 1).
  • WLAN advanced VLAN configuration.
  • DHCP reachability.
  • Relay agent/helper IP configuration, if server is not on same VLAN as requested IP address

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