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Wed, Feb 11, 2015 2:54 PM

Blocking mobile devices, but allow some devices to connect in WLAN


I create one WLAN and will allow only computers in this network, but i wanna allow some mobile devices. I create one access list to block all androids, iPhones and the others and only permit Windows, Linux and MacOS computers.

Is there anyway to put my android device on one "white list" or permit it to access my WLAN without unblocking the other android devices?



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5 years ago

This is what we required...waiting for response....Like to block all androids and few need to be accessible to intranet

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5 years ago

one option is to create device policy which will allow or disallow devices based on their OS...i think it works on the premise that either block all or allow all. I am not sure but you can't have granularity yet to block every android and let few in...

I would suggest that use and implement DPSK based WLAN this way u will have better control over your WLAN