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Fri, Mar 5, 2021 8:43 PM

AP is Not managed by SCG

When I try to connect the R500 AP to the SZ-100 E controller. In that case, that particular AP's mesh role is turned down to the disabled state. Then I checked the scg configuration through the AP's CLI mode, as per the "get scg" command AP indicate  below state :

"AP is not Managed By SCG" 

after that, I issued the " set factory" command and reboot the device, and set up the AP initial config and SCG configuration. But the issue is still remaining "AP is not managed by SCG" due to that error AP is not building in the tunnel with the controller. What would be the issue? Please help to troubleshoot this issue.

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7 m ago

Hi Nilanka,

There could be many reason for this.

  • AP is not able to reach controller.
  • Port 443 and 22 is not open between AP to controller network or in between firewall.
  • Network path MTU issue.
  • AP capacity license in controller.
  • Firmware or model compatibility.
  • AP is locked to a specific country code and controller is set to different country code.

Also run below commands to see what is happening.

get version

get scg

get syslog log

Get syslog log will give you more info and exactly where connection is failing.

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Thank You @sysmantak_omer

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