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Fri, May 26, 2017 11:00 AM

Subscription expired, What's next?

Hi there! I'm new with Ruckus cloud and right now I'm in the trial period subscription, I have a ZoneFlex R310 access point.
So for now, my first question is about what will happen to my network if I don't renew the cloud subscription? Will the device become useless?

I read some FAQ file and was telling "Stay tuned for migration". Is migration the only solution? 
Hope to get your feedback soon :) thanks!


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4 years ago

Hi Jose,

When you cloud subscription expires you will no longer be able to use the cloud service.
The AP can be re-used for cloud or other controllers (Smartzone 100/SCG-200/SZ300/vSZ or Zonedirector)

Kind regards



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4 years ago

I will add to that.

If a trial subscription ends, the AP is factory reset so it can be added to another cloud account or re-imaged to connect to a SZ or an unleashed image.

When paid sucscription expires, the AP will not be manageable from cloud, but AP will not be factory reset. It will have last known configuration to continue to service private ssid clients (psk, radius etc). Only guest wifi will not work (as that is serviced from cloud). The AP will forever be in that state until one of following happens:

1. You renew cloud subscription

2. You factory reset the AP yourself and reimage it to be either unleashed or SZ managed.

Hope this clarifies. We r also working to have a special "migrate" button on the UI to make any transition from one Mgmt to another easier. That is in the roadmap.



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4 years ago

Awesome, really clear now. 

Do you have any ETA for migrate button? 
Thanks again