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Tue, Jan 14, 2020 1:59 PM

I am having trouble authenticating via LDAP

I am having troubles authenticating via LDAP, AD works just fine but even support is stumped.  Any suggestions if someone has implemented via LDAP that they had to tweak before it worked?


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a year ago

You have not provided much information,

However common problems are untrusted or missing certificates if using STARTTLS or ldaps port 686.

Incorrect DN username or password when conneting to the LDAP server.

Wrong RBAC role given to the binding DN. Trying to use STARTTLS when LDAP Port 686 is configured.

Official Rep


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a year ago

Hi Jason,

I have gone through the support case. Have you checked the steps 7-11 from the below link?

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a year ago

It hasn't worked yet.