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Mon, Jun 15, 2020 10:15 AM


CloudPath - manually generate & deploy device certificate

Not sure if this is possible.
We have Ruckus vSZ with Cloudpath for on-boarding wireless devices. At the moment all BYOD users goes through the Cloudpath onboarding url >> enter their AD domain credentials which launches the NetworkWizardLoader-xxxx.exe and connects the user to the relevant SSID.

We have few non-domain/Intune managed devices shared by multiple users and would like to connect them to the wireless using the device based certificate. Is there a way on Cloudpath to generate\export the certificate manually which I can install it on the devices so that it connects automatically to the wireless ?

Or please advise of there is a better solution.

Any help on this would be much appreciated, thank you.


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9 months ago

Yup if you log in as admin you can generate a cert from a certificate template and then download  whatever format of file you need

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9 months ago

Yes you can install the cert and bind it to the device (user) certificate, Bicky.
BUT I do not think that you can export the certificate, generated by CP. You can create an account (onboard user) in internal Cloudpath database. Use credentials from Authentication Servers and  device is good to go for auto connection inn future.

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thank yo Alex.
We have bulk laptops that are shared by multiple students, is there a solution for this ?
or the only way is to join them to the domain and push EATP-TLS/Certificate via GPO.