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Thu, May 21, 2020 2:35 PM


AirPlay/AirPrint not working across SSIDs, even though they are on the same VLAN.

We are a school using Ruckus WiFi and HP switches. We have wired printers using airprint and a laptop at the projector using airplay/airserver.
In the classroom, an iPad client on the same SSID and VLAN using basic WPA2 passcode authentication can see the airprint and airplay options.
A client in the same room on a different SSID (using 801.x with a cert)  cannot see the airprint/airplay options despite being on the same VLAN. If this client moves a few rooms away the airprint/airplay options now show up. 
Neither of the SSIDs appears to have wireless client isolation on.
Is there any kind of limitation for Apple services not accessing each other across SSIDs? The default setting for the two SSIDs VLANs is actually different in VSZ, but dynamic override in Coudpath sets them to the same VLAN.
Any Apple services experts out there?

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1 y ago

Where you ever able to get this resolved?

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No, we had to move to an alternate method of advertising the printers using Papercut Mobility Print instead of Airplay.

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