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Thu, Apr 1, 2021 11:33 PM

SZ-H northbound interface configuration and JSON Respond

We are using the Ruckus Virtual Smartzone High Scale controller
We are trying to setup Hotspot WISPr with the custom Login portal and Radius Auth. I have configured the northbound interface with user/password

The northbound interface is supporting JSON commands, according to the documents (https://support.alcadis.nl/Support_files/Ruckus/SmartZone//Manuals/SmartZone%203.5.x/SmartZone%

when the JASON request send to NBI, the NBI expects to receive encrypted UE-IP and UE-MAC address and by default, the encryption is enabled

I have used this command on Controller just for testing purpose  ruckus(config)# [no] encrypt-mac-ip   to disable the encryption


Now the question is how I validate the command is working? where to see JSON responses as it is shown below in the example

Please forgive my ignorance as this is my first time trying to use a captive portal and learn more about it ‘

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9 m ago

Hi Hayder,

Check the vSZ event logs, you will she the client information with its correct MAC address vs encrypted MAC when MAC encryption is enabled.

Or take packet capture on your server or on controller and you should be able to check the client MAC info.

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6 m ago

What application name is the NBI log located under?

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