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Tue, Mar 14, 2017 8:24 AM


Cloud WIFI: Blocking wireless clients Web ui / IOS

I do not see a way to block wireless clients on the app or web ui. This needs to be added. It appears there is a list of "Blocked" clients in the app, but there is no way to block them. Please add this function with an easy block unblock button and make it network specific to force clients to use specific networks. 

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5 y ago

Hi Tim,

Thank you for the feedback.

Is your request to block or assign clients to a specific network? I perceive both would be important but would like your input.

We do have plans to address this with MAC Addresses but probably more critical to implement a user interface to act on the client list for a network or site.

Please let me know your thoughts and we'll refine our approach.

Many thanks,

John Hanay
Product Manager - Ruckus Cloud



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3 y ago

A workaround to allow/block clients from getting on the network can be achieved with DPSK feature in Cloud Wi-Fi

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3 y ago

Has this been addressed?  We would like to block student phones from accessing our wireless networks.  We believe that they are sharing internet access from their Macbooks.  There should be a simple way to block the mac address of devices that are not owned by our school.  Thanks in advance if I've missed something.  Going to 'Monitor Wireless Clients' reveals a lot of phones connected, deleting the device and or clicking 'Block' does nothing.  They reconnect instantly.


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