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Wed, Mar 10, 2021 6:27 AM

Future of Ruckus Wireless Technology

Hello Team,

Can you advise the potential future Ruckus wireless technology is cloud-based which is vSCG or the SZ series with the on-premise server? I need some justification and information on what is planned for 2021 regards to Ruckus Wireless Technology?

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10 m ago

Hi Mikael,

Both will be there, as there are customers that want on-premise server and some that one cloud based.

If you want to have a detailed discussion with CommScope / Ruckus on this, please contact your local country CommScope / Ruckus office.

Kind regards


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Hello Martin,

Thank you for your valuable input. I will forward to contact my local Ruckus office for further information as you advised.


Mikael Tamirie

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