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Tue, Sep 26, 2017 5:11 PM

Announcement: SPoT 4.6.0 and vSPoT 3.6.0 Available!

Good Morning,


      Ruckus Wireless Networks announces our newSmart Positioning Technology - SPoT 4.6.0

and vSPoT 3.6.0 (GA) release.  Links to Release Notes, User Guide and vSPoTfirmware are posted

to the Support portal, available at these URLs.


SPoT 4.6.0 (GA) and vSPoT 3.6.0Release Notes:



SPoT 4.6.0 (GA) and vSPoT 3.6.0User Guide:



vSPoT 3.6.0 (GA) InstallationGuide:



vSPoT 3.6.0 (GA) SoftwareRelease:



vSPoT 3.6.0 (GA) SoftwareRelease (rolling update image):



     Thanks and best regards,


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4 y ago

Any help??? in terms of deploying on AWS? The vspot.template is failing. I think the AMI image is either deprecated or unable to be located.

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