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Fri, Mar 3, 2017 11:58 PM

Announcement: SPoT 4.4.1 (MR4 Refresh) and vSPoT 3.4.1 are available on Support

Busy Ruckus developers announce new SPoT 4.4.1 (MR4 Refresh) vSPoT 3.4.1 release! this new update includes an nginx fix for upload failures, et al, and are available at these URLs 

for distribution. 


SPoT 4.4.1 (MR4 Refresh) and vSPoT 3.4.1 Release Notes:



SPoT 4.4.1 (MR4 Refresh) and vSPoT 3.4.1 User Guide:



vSPoT 3.4.1 (MR4 Refresh) Installation Guide:



vSPoT 3.4.1 (MR4 Refresh) Software Release:



1.      Resolved Issues

·        Resolved an issue of map upload failure due to missing nginx temporary directory.


2.      Enhancements in this Release

a.      System

·        Upgraded current gems used in rk-system andrk-venue source code for running SPoT/vSPoT.

·        Upgraded technology stack:

•       ruby-2.2.6

•       redis-3.2.8

•       mongodb-3.2.12

•       mosquitto-1.4.10-3.1.
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