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Fri, Nov 18, 2016 5:05 PM

Announcement: Cloud hosted SPoT 4.1.7 and vSPoT 3.1.7 (MR) is Available!

Ruckus is pleased to announce our SmartPositioning Technology (SPoT) 4.1.7 is now active in the Cloud, and Virtual SPoT 3.1.7 firmware is now available for download on the Support Portal.  The Release Notes, User Guides, and vSPoT Installation Guide have been posted to theSupport portal, along with the Virtual firmware image (1.6gb).


SPoT 4.1.7 (MR) and vSPoT 3.1.7Release Notes:



SPoT 4.1.7 (MR) and vSPoT 3.1.7User Guide:



Virtual SPoT 3.1.7 (MR)Installation Guide:



Virtual SPoT 3.1.7 (MR) SoftwareRelease:

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