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Fri, Aug 13, 2021 2:03 PM

R550 AP Power Adapter

Hey All,

I have an R550 AP and will unfortunately not be able to power it over PoE.  Having a heck of a time finding a part number for a Ruckus adapter or a solution for a non-Ruckus power supply.  I find 12V.  That's it.  I have many 12V PoE adapters for other AP manufacturers, but none 'fit' into the R550.

Any ideas?

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2 m ago

When in doubt, check the data sheets.  Most AP's will have an accessory section at the end of the document that will give part numbers.  

902-1169-XX00 · Power Supply (12V, 2.0A, 24W)

*Change XX to your country code.

R550 Data Sheet

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