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Thu, Jun 24, 2021 2:59 PM

Moving into home with existing set up

We just recently moved into a home where the previous owners had 2 AP's and ethernet switch board installed. I can see the RUCKUS WIFI connection on my phone but it is requiring a username and password which I do not have. 

I have pressed the reset button on the main unit but still not able to get the WIFI to reset to its "CONFIGURE_MEXXX" name. 

Do the AP's themselves have their own factory reset button? 




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4 m ago

Yes the APs themselves can be factory reset using a paperclip/pin.  There is a button to press for ~10 seconds while powered on to reset them.

You should then be able to connect to the Configure.Me-XXXXXX network with no password and proceed through the configuration wizard.

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3 m ago

Just did the same procedure on my AP, no luck. Still present a secures WiFi and ask for password. Any ideas??

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