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Wed, Jun 3, 2015 12:55 AM

Guest portal function with single AP?

Do we need to buy Zone director if you want to manage a single AP but with Guest portal function? Meaning I want to be able to limit the bandwidth on guest account. Kick user, allow user by Ip address etc Unfi comes with free software to manage etc but AP performance is is not great.

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7 y ago

I think if you only have a single AP, you can deploy it as standalone AP. But I don't think you have option with Guest portal.
You still can limit the bandwidth, manage users.

Other option, if you don't want to buy a zone director, you can use SAMs feature.

I hope this help.



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7 y ago


Please ask your reseller or local sales rep for Vscg based cloud controller. this would come at a cost and is billed annually better than buying a controller. this is a cloud based service btw and gives most of the controller features which are doable on the cloud,,,

hope this helps...

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